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Dry body brushing with Eco Max Natural Brushes

22 Aug 2014 9:46 AM - Easy and a natural way to care for your body
The Eco Max Body Range is an eco-friendly range of body brushes that use natural unbleached and sustainable materials, all beautifully designed and manufactured using fair trade principles to provide a true eco alternative. The Brushes are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable and utilise waste products, coco fibre from the husk of the coconut and rubber wood, a waste product from rubber production and natural unbleached sustainable materials, Alistonia timber and sisal, that can replace plastics in the bathroom. The wire is galvanized so it won’t rust and the cords are all cotton. Even the timber sealant is non-toxic which means it’s animal and child-friendly too. The sisal softens naturally in warm water to give you a vigorous scrub without being too hard and the unbleached coir provides a firm grip even with soapy hands. When the brushes have come to the end of their life, many years from now, they can be added to the compose bin where they will break down naturally leaving only the galvanized wire.

Dry body brushing, simple, easy and a natural way to care for your body. What are the benefits of dry body massage, how to do dry body massage and what brushes should I use? This video will help you answer these questions so you too can try dry body massage.

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Cleaning body brushes

18 May 2017,6:56 PM - Carrie
I tried body brushing for the first time using my new Eco Max body brush. It is so rejuvenating! I wish I would have got onto this sooner. LOVING your range.

I'm curious to know though - how do you recommend cleaning your brushes? I've read many different options; tea tree oil spritz, warm soapy water, even dry cornmeal. Are any or all of these cleaning options recommended for the Eco Max range?

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