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Global Mamas has arrived!

20 Aug 2014 9:16 AM - Fashion and Jewellery

Now in store new season dresses, skirts, tops and handmade jewellery made from recycled glass, stones and beads!
The Global Mamas community is comprised of thousands of people from around the world working together with the mission of creating prosperity for African women and their families. Global Mamas define prosperity as going beyond financial wealth -being to include happiness and good health. They achieve prosperity by creating and selling unique, handcrafted products of the highest quality. Being able to do the work they love and being empowered by financial independence leads to greater happiness. Global Mamas realize their dreams of having the opportunity to support their families, send their children to school, improve their health, and save for the future. 

Fair trade and made in Ghana

Comments: 2


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21 Aug 2014,3:50 PM - Karli
So lovely to see your support of Fair Trade products in your store! The beautiful recycled glass jewelry that you sell is amazing and especially with each different glass piece on the jewelry representing people, oceans, the land and rain-forests. So symbolic and meaningful, making these items great gifts for special people.
29 Aug 2014,11:42 AM - bree
wow these are so nice!! :D very pretty

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