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Hemp Seed Oil for mums and babies

14 Jan 2016 6:13 PM -

Because of Governments and big business, in the western world, the uses of hemp are no longer familiar. 

Hemp seeds contain 25% high quality protein and 40% fat in the form of excellent quality oil. Hemp oil is now on the market, but still, The Australian government will not allow the sale of it for consumption …external use for healing or moisturising the skin is permitted. Legislation may be changed in the near future for internal consumption as it now is in every single country besides Australia and New Zealand.

Hemp seed oil is one of our favourite eco products at the ecostore! We are continually receiving amazing feedback about the 100% pure cold pressed hemp seed oil in helping dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. I find it funny how many people come into the store claiming to have tried “everything under the sun” to help with eczema, after multiple trips to the doctors and dermatologists, yet they have never even heard about hemp seed oil and its benefits. These stories are my favourite. I guess it’s a simple matter of not knowing something until you have tried it. The misperception of hemp products in general hinder societys knowledge about the product itself and its amazing capabilities for not only ones personal health, but more importantly the environments! Join the hemp revolution!

I have recently stumbled across some great information about hemp oil’s benefits for babies and mums through pregnancy. 

The health benefits of Essential Fatty Acid’s (EFAs) have been well documented and individuals can reap these benefits with a daily tablespoon of hemp seed oil. Furthermore, there are a few population groups where EFAs are extremely important for growth and maintenance of good health. Two of these are pregnant women and babies. 

In the developing stages of a baby, the brain and eyes have a tremendous demand for EFAs. Indeed, fatty acid nutrition is crucial to developing full cognitive and visual potential and deterring common conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, retinitis, poor night vision and dyslexia.

 Hemp seed oil consists of essential fatty acids, which includes docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are essential for brain development. DHA is essential to the health of the brain along with the retina of the eye, especially in the first year of life. Mothers who supplement with hempseed oil during pregnancy may possibly offer brain- and eye-protective benefits for the developing baby.

During gestation, the fetal brain may grow as many as 250,000 nerve cells each minute and will eventually manufacture over 100 billion neurons. A remarkable 70% of total brains cells that will last our lifetime have divided before birth. EFA's -- particularly DHA which is a derivative of omega 3 -- are essential for this normal brain development. 

Consequently, preterm infants may run a greater risk of visual and cognitive problems because they miss the final weeks of gestation when the retina concentrates the EFAs and the brain has a critical need. 

Unborn babies are completely reliant on the mother for their EFA supply. It is therefore very important for the mother to ensure an adequate intake of EFAs both for herself and the baby. 

Studies show that mothers with low EFA levels are at greater risk for developing obstetric complications. Low EFA levels may also contribute to post partum depression. 

Because a developing baby takes the fatty acids it needs from the mother's blood supply, many women's stores decline during pregnancy and get lower with each successive child. Researchers suggest a link between such deficiency and depression, which may help explain the increased risk of depression among new mothers. 
Once the baby is born the high demand for EFAs continues and this is ideally supplied with breast milk. Breast milk is the finest form of nutrition for a developing infant brain. It contains a vast array of fatty acids including ALA, GLA, DHA among others. Many studies show that breast fed infants appear to develop better visual acuity and higher IQ's. Once again, it is important for the mother to maintain adequate levels of EFAs in her diet to supply this demanding baby. Up until recently, formulas contained little or no EFAs. However, based on the continual research, manufacturers are beginning to add some of these important EFAs to their formulas. 

As the hemp industry grows we will see more and more "hemp babies" and these children will be the best confirmation of the benefits of hemp seed oil and EFA nutrition. Ensuring optimal amounts of EFAs with hempseed oil in pregnant and lactating women can go a long way toward giving our next generation the best chances for health and success. 

If you know someone who may be interested, a bottle of hemp seed oil can be an easy sustainable gift. 

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