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Eco Shop Winter Products

Here you will find beautiful, natural products to keep you warm in the colder months. From Possum Fibre clothing to Organic Herbal Tea, you can now stay warm naturally.

Mens Hemp Cotton Jacket

RRP: $89.00 Price: AUD $59.00

Hemp Zip Jumper

RRP: $99.90 Price: AUD $69.90

Valia Dockland Pullover

RRP: $189.00 Price: AUD $99.00

Hemp Knit Jumper

RRP: $109.00 Price: AUD $59.00

Valia Victoria Top

RRP: $159.00 Price: AUD $129.00

Merino Wool Tights

Price: from AUD $38.00

Chalet Tanya Tunic

RRP: $235.00 Price: AUD $160.00

Ribbed Wool Scarf

Price: AUD $78.00

Zeega Wool Crepe Skirt

Price: AUD $169.00

Chalet Cecille Zipper Top

RRP: $165.00 Price: AUD $99.00

Gloves Possum Merino

Price: AUD $29.90

Valia Northern Star Tunic

RRP: $165.00 Price: AUD $135.00

Chalet Genessa Tunic

RRP: $179.00 Price: AUD $99.00

Scarf Possum Merino

Price: AUD $94.00

Tatum Jacket by Chalet

RRP: $209.00 Price: AUD $149.00

Ugg Mini Brighton

Price: AUD $160.00

Possum Stripe Socks

Price: AUD $34.00

Alpaca Poncho

Price: AUD $175.00

Baby Ugg Booties

Price: AUD $29.90

Ugg Ladies Scuffs

Price: from AUD $88.00

Didgeridoonas Oilskin Boot

RRP: $176.00 Price: AUD $130.00

Chalet Elaine Cardigan

RRP: $169.00 Price: AUD $109.00

Valia Lassie Dress

Price: AUD $219.00

Como leggings by Valia

RRP: $110.00 Price: AUD $79.00

Chalet Maryann Jacket

RRP: $215.00 Price: AUD $169.00

Mens L/S Hemp Shirt

Price: AUD $75.00

Possum & Merino Poncho

Price: AUD $105.00

Pillowcase 100% Bamboo Twill

RRP: $35.00 Price: AUD $25.00

Ugg Eildon

Price: from AUD $120.00

Ugg Original 3/4

Price: from AUD $179.00

Ugg Mini

Price: from AUD $144.00

ALAS Telescope Nightie

RRP: $69.95 Price: AUD $30.00

Ugg Inner Sole

Price: AUD $25.00

Ugg Tidal 3/4

Price: from AUD $169.00

Valia Stripe Top

Price: AUD $139.00

Valia Ornamental Coat

Price: AUD $269.00

Pure Papaya Vapour Balm

RRP: $14.95 Price: AUD $8.95

Vegan Crossbody Bag 'Lola'

RRP: $115.00 Price: AUD $85.00

GECCU Australian Wool Vest

RRP: $175.00 Price: AUD $99.00

Valia Yarra Tunic

Price: AUD $169.00

Bamboo 3/4 Sleeve Top

Price: AUD $62.00

Mona tunic Valia

RRP: $179.00 Price: AUD $139.00

100% Merino Stripe Jumper

RRP: $239.90 Price: AUD $159.90

Wool Scarf

Price: AUD $15.00

Santiago Cardigan by Valia

RRP: $229.00 Price: AUD $99.00

Silver Stream Ladies Cardigan

RRP: $249.00 Price: AUD $190.00

Bamboo Turtle Neck

Price: AUD $69.95

Aspiring Wool Beanie

Price: AUD $58.00

100% Merino Alpine Jacket

RRP: $209.00 Price: AUD $139.00

Ugg Mini Fringe

Price: AUD $189.00

Bamboo Body Isy Skirt

Price: AUD $89.95

Suede Poncho with Fringe

RRP: $89.00 Price: AUD $39.00

Possum 'Chain' Beanie

Price: AUD $75.00

Mandy Bamboo L/S Dress

RRP: $119.00 Price: AUD $85.00

INKKAS- Bluebird Low Top Shoes

RRP: $119.00 Price: AUD $65.00

Embroidered Nightie

RRP: $99.00 Price: AUD $69.00

Fair Trade Leg Warmers

RRP: $25.00 Price: AUD $19.95

Zenza Nightie

RRP: $119.00 Price: AUD $89.00

About Us

We are an Australian owned environmentally conscious business, offering an inspirational collection of fairtrade, natural and eco friendly products.

Through creating and developing sustainable relationships with our producers, suppliers, artisians and social enterprise groups, you the customer receive the satisfaction of knowing that when buying from us, you are contributing to the long term livelihood and well-being of many families and whole communities both in Australia and overseas.

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