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Clothing manufactured with hemp thread has multiple benefits for the wearer. The soft finish is both comfortable and non-irritating to the skin. The weave allows high degree of breathability.

  • Strong: Clothing made of hemp fiber is lightweight, absorbant and, with three times the tensile strength of cotton, strong and longlasting.

  • Weather Resistant: UV and mold-resistant, hemp is excellent for outdoor wear.

  • Versatile: Hemp can be blended with other fibers for different qualities in the garment. Hemp/silk and hemp/cotton garments are now available.

  • Cost-Effective: Hemp is less expensive to farm because of its minimal growth requirements.

  • Eco Friendly: Hemp farming uses very little water, does not require the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and is a readily renewable resource.

Hemp is also a very eco-friendly crop. It requires no pesticides and needs little water, yet it renews the soil with each growth cycle. It's long roots prevent erosion and help retain topsoil. Hemp grows readily in most temperate regions.

Mens Hemp Cotton Jacket

RRP: $89.00 Price: AUD $59.00

Hemp Zip Jumper

RRP: $99.90 Price: AUD $69.90

100% Hemp String Bag

Price: AUD $35.00

Gwyneth Top By Chalet

RRP: $215.00 Price: AUD $139.00

Hemp Knit Jumper

RRP: $109.00 Price: AUD $59.00

Chalet Garrey Cardigan

RRP: $219.00 Price: AUD $160.00

Gigi Top

RRP: $156.50 Price: AUD $99.00

Chalet Liliana Dress

RRP: $259.00 Price: AUD $190.00

Chalet Genessa Tunic

RRP: $179.00 Price: AUD $99.00

Tahnee Jacket by Chalet

RRP: $239.90 Price: AUD $145.00

Chalet Falia Top

RRP: $189.00 Price: AUD $129.00

Chalet Greta Pants

RRP: $189.00 Price: AUD $119.00

Chalet Maryann Jacket

RRP: $215.00 Price: AUD $169.00

Mens L/S Hemp Shirt

Price: AUD $75.00

Chalet Claudia Top

RRP: $215.00 Price: AUD $165.00

Chalet Christy Tunic

RRP: $215.00 Price: AUD $159.00

Glynn Top Chalet

RRP: $189.00 Price: AUD $169.00

Chalet Dawn Pants

RRP: $189.00 Price: AUD $119.00

100% Hemp Long Sleeve Shirt

RRP: $65.50 Price: AUD $29.50

Ladies' Hemp Cotton Round Neck Tunic

RRP: $49.50 Price: AUD $30.00

Hemp Sleeveless Dot Shirt

RRP: $59.00 Price: AUD $35.00

Buttoned Hemp Sleeveless Tunic Mushroom

RRP: $59.95 Price: AUD $30.00

Bamboo T-shirt Dress

RRP: $75.00 Price: AUD $55.00

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We are an Australian owned environmentally conscious business, offering an inspirational collection of fairtrade, natural and eco friendly products.

Through creating and developing sustainable relationships with our producers, suppliers, artisians and social enterprise groups, you the customer receive the satisfaction of knowing that when buying from us, you are contributing to the long term livelihood and well-being of many families and whole communities both in Australia and overseas.

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